Friday, August 8, 2008

Back in town

So Back in Urumqi YHA and relieved this time after all the hassles we got from police out in the smaller towns and country side. Looks like I missed the bombing in Kashgar by kicking about up here. Will meander down to Kashgar in the morning (only 1200k's or something!). Not looking forward to all the police checks! They shut down all the internet cafes everywhere and some shops and there are people checking bags in larger joints. it also looks like they are controlling fuel at petrol station as lots are closed and roped off or you are not allowed to ride in, so there are big cues at the stations serving. Ahhh maybe i should have left china earlier - I hate the police!!!


Craig said...

Good to know you're not a squidgy mess on the floor. looking forward to more news.

Rhino said...

yeah slowly working on it. Still cant get my photos to work. Camera doesnt show up as removable drive (no matter what card i use) and my card reader doesnt seem to be working! maybe it has something to do with older computers....????