Friday, August 22, 2008

Kyrgyzstan now

Well, I arrived in Osh last night (Thursday) and went to the hospital first thing this morning. I had no problems at the border at Irkstam but was denied going over Torogart pass without visa (told in Kashgar i didnt need one as i had own transport). On wednesday the spot thing i had on my check had started to swell up and go hard which was like the the same thing as i had on my back. In the morning it was a bit worse which put me in a hurry to clear the border and get to doctor in Osh. Once i cleared the borders the road was REALLY bad and took me the rest of the day, till 7pm, to get to osh then find somewhere to sleep which took a lot longer than it should have when i got pointed in the completly wrong directions.
So, spend ages at hospital complex trying to find doctor which was a hassle when I cant speak russian. Ended up in a cue for ages then followed another patient over to the surgury building and meet up with a pleased looking doctor. Ended up on a bed and before i knew it the stainless steel implemants were out. First it felt like he was ripping the scab off or making an opening then i think he was using some forceps to squeeze the wound and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck did it hurt. I was then presented with a small wad of puss and a bloodied piece of gauze much to the delight of the doctor. He then proceded to stick some other surgical tool inside and scoop out the hole ( i could be wrong about what was happening but it felt like that!). The hole was then cleaned and an antiseptic cloth stuffed in the cavity. No english was spoken and no forms filled and it all happened really fast so a bit of a stress. I handed over 400som ($15nz?) to the doc which was prolly a nice cash job for the day!
I took the rest of the afternoon pretty easy and will return tomorrow at 12 to get it redressed. Really annoyed that the same thing happened again and Im still not sure what it was from. maybe a mosquito or a spider??
If possible I will start heading up to Bishkek tomorrow arvo and can start the visa game.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Next stop

Hey just about to dash and try my luck of Torrorgart pass or if that doesnt work I will try the other border. First major stop will be Bishkek.
Oh a couple of photos from friday can be found here:
It was a long way down!
Hopefully be online in a few days.
lots a love from chinese turkistan.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rock the Kashgar

After two and half days on the road I reached Kashgar from Urumqi via desserts and a 4300m odd pass. Arrived at the qinghi hotel place at 8pm on Thursday. went to a tomb and around town yesterday and to shiptons arch (amazing, google it) today. Kashgar feels great not too many police and very un-chinese feeling as its mostly Muslim Uyghurs.
This should be expanded later

ciao partners.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back in town

So Back in Urumqi YHA and relieved this time after all the hassles we got from police out in the smaller towns and country side. Looks like I missed the bombing in Kashgar by kicking about up here. Will meander down to Kashgar in the morning (only 1200k's or something!). Not looking forward to all the police checks! They shut down all the internet cafes everywhere and some shops and there are people checking bags in larger joints. it also looks like they are controlling fuel at petrol station as lots are closed and roped off or you are not allowed to ride in, so there are big cues at the stations serving. Ahhh maybe i should have left china earlier - I hate the police!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

change of plan

Heading north a little from Urumqi to fukang then Wujaqu i think then across(west) and down to kashgar. Leaving now with another couple on a motorbike. blog will have to wait!