Friday, June 27, 2008

The $70 tent getting put to good use
Our traditional breakfast. Shared my two pineapples i was hauling round with me.

Village out in the back blocks
Views from my bumpy road

Truck trying to steal some hardwood for Johnny's deck! Not the best road

More native fare. .5 star dinning.
Nice road with with views to match

Waterfall near LP

Trying to take a dip

Small section of road in LP. not very good pic.
A blinged out version of my bike.
Reluctantly left comfortable Laung Prabang this afternoon. Went and saw a really nice waterfall this morning about thirty clicks out of LP. Great to be blasting along without all my gear in just shorts and shirt. Got there before opening and before anyone else so i had the place to myself which was excellent because it felt way less touristy. Ran around like a mad man and up to the top a couple of times and then cooled of in a mighty fine swimming hole. Busted back into town and checked the museum/palace which was plush and indulged in some nice coffee and baguette in a french/italian cafe. said goodbye to my ice coffee girl, who i fell in love with, well her super friendly service and coffee, and got food for the road. Not sure why i liked LP so much. Maybe it was the feel of the old french buildings or that people were friendly but I didn't stay long enough to properly check it out.

Rode up to Lithavixay but road was a shocker with surface missing and big potholes. thought we had overcome such poor main roads! Started to rain late arvo just as i was getting to the top of a hill. The sky looked almost black so i knew it would be bad(still raining, 7hours). Had to ride really slow but still managed to nearly lose it on the smooth wet tar surface as both wheels slide out. Stayed up with a big dab. Bit disappointed i didn't make it further because i am now staying in a very bland junction town. Will see if I'm close enough to china to find any chinese number plates in the morning but will prolly head straight to border town and try and suss something out.

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