Saturday, June 28, 2008

the section i was dreading

Just rode up to the border at Boten. Got some heavy rain action and the road got worse until the intersection going to Boten so the last 20k was lovely. There wasn't much there almost like it wasn't a proper town. there were scary monkeys tied to poles and rat/moley things in cages(waiting to be eaten maybe) so it felt a little creepy . Asked around about a number plate but everyone was Chinese and no one really knew any English. Asked the at the Lao side about taking bike over and they said I'd have no luck on the ching chong side. One Chinese dude said just take number plate off. Most of the bikes didn't have number plates so maybe he was right but i don't think this would cut it with a foreigner. Went to get some lunch and while waiting for menu a group of Chinese men invited me to eat with them. They had heaps of food and not long after they left so i had a whole table of really good Chinese food! So a massive free lunch was a nice cheeky bonus. Decided i would go to plan B and head 50 clicks to the closest town (Luang Nam Tha) and try my luck sorting something else there. Asked at a travel place about taking a bus and putting my bike on(without plate) which he said was a good idea but since it is classified as a 50cc I should have no problems taking it to china as it is. Will take his word but i think i will still see about taking a bus over the border and try to keep my white face and the bike disassociated through the border crossing. Need to go to bus station first thing in morning to see what buses are running into china (mengla). Fingers crossed. Otherwise i will just try to ride it, the worst thing they could do is turn me back between borders but that would be a real hassle.

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