Sunday, June 22, 2008

Larking about in Laos

Still safe and well. Been away from computers for a while. Just arrived in Vientiane and need to go find a room. Spent a day on a small island on the Mekong, near the border with Cambodia, to rest up. Yesterday spent most of the day riding a roundabout way to a massive cave and got caught on some gnarly bits of road but also some nice gravel.
Riding(grinding) around the island on rather small, suited for an asian, sit up and beg bike. Jessica would agree on the riding position, TJ wouldnt agree on freewheel action and nobody could get behind the chinese engineering!
Lao skinnies. On that bike i was nervous!
Riding into where the Cave was and where I stayed with a family in their village. Really nice place and people seemed really friendly and people were actually working! Feeling better after going there but cave trip wasn't as good as i had hoped and boat men riped me off as they never stopped to show me stalagmite gallery and maybe other stuff. These people really piss me off at times (got my glasses stolen the day before!). Villagers all had cell phones, electricity, satellite dish and plenty of music playing, goodo.
Getting bike across river. A bit easier than 1200gs but im sure they would try anything!

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