Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stung Treng

Sorry this blog hasnt been getting the treatment it needs. Just escaped the jungle from which i was trying to cross from Siem Reap to mekong. Spent the last two nights with cambodian families and one of which was in a small village in the 'jungle'. Pretty cool but the mosquitos were big enough to lift me right of my bike. The roads were really bad and really on suitable for dirbikes but the cub pulled through with a broken exhaust, bent gear shifter spindle pegs and brake pedal, Filled the engine 3 times with water submerging the bike in puddles and rivers (when i got caught in monsoon rain). Heading to Loas this arvo might just make it a small day and stay on an island on the mekong. I'll try to keep in touch. Sloooooooooow Internet.

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