Friday, June 6, 2008

Wednesday 4th

Finally meet up with my Vietnamese motorcycle fixit man at the scooter shop and got sorted what i wanted and what could be done. Went round to his little shop and left the super cub there to start work on it in the morning. Could only get the engine increased to 110cc as 125 would be too much hassle and a completely new engine would have to come out of a stolen bike and the quality would be unknown and cost twice as much. So its back to something simple and very common so will be able to be fixed anywhere. Went searching for someone to photocopy and laminate my vehicle ownership card for a spare and the lady who did said i could get locked up for doing that. ohh, living dangerously! Meet up with jo and marcel again and got a few drinks. Got talking to a Vietnamese man who had really good english and i think he could speak french and was very intelligent. So we asked him why he couldn't get a better job than just driving a moto and he said it was because he didn't have a communist card. Also if you wanted to have a public servant job you had to be second or third generation communist. Had an early night :-)

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