Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday 5th

Went around to the little motor bike fix it shop and the dude had already taken off the engine and completely stripped it down. Gave him some money so he could by new parts to rebuild engine with 110cc parts, new cdi electrics and new 4sp gearbox. forks and shocks are all going to be serviced and new seat and tyres. he tried to tell me it would be done on friday(next week) but informed him it had to be done sooner and he said tuesday. So it looks like a fortnight in total in saigon before im gone. How i mange to have things end up last minute!

Caught the taxi off to china town with the boys and went to the big market. I didnt really need anything but just to have a look around. got a 'mechanical pencil' for 20c to replace the one i let jess steal. Walked around to find a pagoda and found some small one and took a look around. It had a small pond filled with turtles and surrounded by bonsai trees and miniature bridges and stuff like a childs toy house. Would have been better to take a moto guide and gone by myself and would have been able to see more because we didnt know where we were going and just wondered around in a fairly ordinary looking place with the exception of a few dragons. The people were friendly though and didnt try to rip us off. Got some sugar can juice and deep fried pastry things for really cheap off the street. Had to have a sleep when i got back. I guess its the heat that gets to you after a while.
Went out later to look for a helmet but in true communist style they had the quota of models but only in one size (a bit of an exaggeration but it was very limited). Ended up just wondering the streets and found a pagoda thing that looked interesting. When i went to go inside i was stopped and given incenes and a few things as offerings to the gods. Once i had walked around and planted all my incense and placed my gifts to the gods i headed for the road. Once out side i was stopped and was demanded to pay 50 000 for each offering but i didn't know how serious they were and i didnt want to offend by haggling over religious matters so just payed up! there went my money for the next day. hopefully i will get protection from the gods for my travels!
Kept on walking and the night street stall were starting so i got some really nice crispy fried noodle and a coconut to drink for about $2.
Meet up with the boys later and had some beers then went round to our cheap shop with some really cool french canadians we meet (they knew trailer park boys!) and had rice vodka before tracking down some french people down in a club in town. I managed to cut my finger open on the vodka lid so now another thing to heal. I think it must have been the most expensive club as they were charging 100 000D for a cheep beer (c.f. 10000 at shop)! It didn't have a license so maybe that was why. We went from there to Apocalypse now and back to local Go2 bar while being chased by an Austrian girl. Managed the make back to hotel alone!

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