Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest stop

In Urumqi. Arrived yesterday arvo and sorted out what i needed for Kyrgyzstan visa which I applied for today and stung me nearly 200 kiwi dollars. ouch. But i get to pick it up tomorrow. I could have spent about half and picked it up in a week and done a trip out of town in the meantime but in my rash impatience I decided to just keep things moving. Not sure if right thing to do- not very adventurous but kind of keen to get out of china for some reason. Will prolly leave on Saturday morning to kashgar. Staying at the YHA 0991-4881428. Will do a proper blog sometime(i know i keep saying that!).


Craig said...

aaahhhh, I haven't had my word filling yet boy. Nor my picture fill for that matter. Don't make me slash you.

Rhino said...

what do you slash? crate paper?!