Saturday, July 12, 2008


Safe in shangri-la. Had a day of wet twisty roads from Lijiang which slowed down the pace and the cloudscut down the views. Still very nice and the Gorge was quite spectacular. Feel like a bit of a dick because I didn't stop and walk down to river as I didnt read where the track went down from road and I just expected to see it but before I knew it I had ridden right through the gorge. At least it meant Ididnt get to Shangri-la too late as it took a lot longer than expected and had just enough time to have a walk around when I arrived. Not sure if Iwill stay a day to look around. Iam quite keen to just keep moving so maybe see a few sights in the morning then go north to town between here an Litang.Now staying at 3300m and the scoot is already starting to crackle and not as speedy(like it was before!)so will try to lean it out maybe.Cold and wet here so going to keep warm in front of fire!


Coopers said...

the coopers love your blog rhino , keep writing, makes our lives look a wee dull though!!

Kerry said...

Hey, havent heard from you in a while, where are you, and hows the bite and scoot?

Rhino said...

yeah been slack will write, just kidding about stopping!