Friday, July 4, 2008

The Week

Hey Buddies,
Long time no posting. Been away from computers rather awhile but I am now settled in Lijiang, China with comps. Will try and do a fleshier version en la manana but here is the gist. Spent an extra day in Laos waiting for a bigger bus to take me and bike over border but didn't make it and got kicked off between Laos and China. payed someone to take bike over and no probs but another day gone and no real change in geographic position. made my way up through Yunnan staying in some pointless big cities on the way. Amazing seeing the country and people change, really impressed. Arrived in Lijiang later than expected because I had wanted to go to the hospital to get my large, sore, scabby, painful, slightly pusey protrusion a looking to. Instead watched an Ingmar Bergman film and drank cream and coffee. Went to hospital today but really useless and just put some brown paste on it and a bandage but didn't even clean it up (probably a good thing going on the state of cleanliness of the place they would have made it worse). Ended up asking around later for a private doctor and meet a girl who spoke english and she happened to have a friend in town who worked as a doctor in the army in Burma and he gave me the Chinese medicine treatment. so he cleaned it up a bit and made a poultice of sorts with water and brown pills made into a paste and gave me herbs to make tea with and pills to take every 3 hours. Will get it redressed tomorrow and hopefully really cleaned out. Hope it goes well because he thought i had left it too late, whatever that meant.
Resting easy.
Until tomorrow.
Jackson Scott

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