Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday 7th

I needed sleep so ended up in bed till mid day. Took a moto around to the motorbike fixit shop to find they had already put the engine back together and had it running on the bike. I wanted to check out the parts he bought to make sure he was using things like japanese bearings. I guess ill find out now when i break down in the middle of nowhere! Should be done on monday morning which is earlier than he said last time. Went looking at helmets again. no luck so went to the market for a coconut to drink. Got chatting to a man from Bali who was visiting. I couldnt tell if it was the same person i meet in the park last week who was trying to get me to meet his daughter who was going 'study' in NZ! Got another motorbike dude to try and find me some more helmet shops but he was useless then tried to rip me off...
Had enough so went back to hotel to relax. Had some beers with the boys again then meet up with the canadians again and some other american girl for a few rounds of vodka (I think a trend is starting to develop here!). Tried the Lush club in down again but very average and pretty horrible music apart from maybe a missy g or duffy track! Got talking to some middle class vietnamese which was kinda interesting but a bit strange cos they could have been from anywhere. Again, we had a crazy taxi back to our local bar where the vietnamese girls followed us back to. Was feeling pretty tired and tried to keep some distance between me and the girls as i really wasnt in to mood for any attention! I then made sure i had a whole morning of sleeping.
Need to start doing some more interesting things. Will try and get down to the mekong delta on sunday then have the bike going on monday and be free!

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